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A Great Distance in the Wind, the Sky at Dawn - Chapter Three
A Great Distance in the Wind, the Sky at Dawn
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Chapter Three
Kanji 風の万里 黎明の空 三章
Romaji Kaze no Banri Reimei no Sora Sanshou
Air date 2002-11-12


Suzu is running to Queen Kei --she is comforting her with words of pity and punishes Suzu's master . Then, Riyo and Setsuko corner Suzu. Suzu wakes up, realizing it was just a dream. There is a bell chiming--Suzu forces herself to run to the Mistresses' chambers. Riyo demands Suzu to wake the rest of the servants to clean the palace.

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In Kei , it is time for the morning meeting among the minsters and Queen. Taisai pines over the removal of the Lord of Baku Province --which causes a squabble among the other ministers. The court also must decide who should become the Lieutenant. Later, Yoko rehearses her studies of the court system with the Sankou . Uikyou invites Yoko to have dinner with her later. Seikyou brings up matters to Yoko, she gives him the authority to do what he needs. Keiki walks in and fusses at Yoko for dropping the burden onto the Chosai. Yoko unleashes her pint up frustrations on Keiki (Keiki looks dumbfounded).

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Shoukei is performing a dance in front of all the officials at the Hou Palace. When she looks up to see her Father flatter her she see's Queen Kei sitting on the throne with Keiki. Shoukei comes back to reality and gets back to her chores all the while singing a song she knew in the palace.

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Back in Sai , all the servants are cleaning at Riyo's palace. As Suzu is cleaning, she drifts off into a dream. *BAM* A vase breaks. Riyo scolds Suzu! The mistress orders Suzu to get some Kankin ; if she retrieves some before morning meal she will be forgiven. Suzu slips off the cliff of the mountain where the herb is at…

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Shoukei receives a beating from Gobo for singing while on the job. The word slips out that Shoukei is the former princess of Hou. She is dragged out in the open. While Gobo explains not to kill her but Shoukei throws a snowball at her mocking her words. The crowd lunges their anger onto Shoukei.

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Uikyou and Yoko are sitting down eating dinner together. Kei soldiers barge in on the meal. The Major General reveals the Sankou and Taisai were planning to assinate the Queen for injustice to Koukan. The Taishi is taken down. Yoko is shoken up.


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