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Characters and CastEdit

  • Youko Nakajima
    • Aya Hisakawa (J)
    • Dorothy Elias-Fahn (E)
  • Rakushun
    • Kenichi Suzumura (J)
    • Jim Taggert (E)
  • Keiki
    • Takehito Koyasu (J)
    • Kim Strauss (E)
  • Gyokuyo
    • Yorie Terauchi (J)
    • Melodee Spevack (E)
  • Uikyou
    • Asami Mukaidono (J)
    • Michelle Ruff (E)
  • King Kou's daughter
    • Jessica Stenuis (E)
  • King Kou's son
  • Rakushun's mother
  • Meiken
    • Yuto Kazama (J)
    • Steve Jay Blum (E)
  • Chuchin
    • Kazuya Nakai (J)
    • Kirk Thornton (E)
  • Hou-Roushi
    • Kazuya Tatekabe (J)
  • Enki
    • Kappei Yamaguchi (J)
    • Dave Wittenberg (E)


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