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Ally of the Moon
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Ally of the Moon
Kanji 乗月
Romaji Jougetsu
Air date 2003-07-05

Ally of the Moon (乗月, Jougetsu) is the fortieth episode of The Twelve Kingdoms anime series. It is a standalone episode set between the events of the A Great Distance in the Wind, the Sky at Dawn and the Sea God of the East, Vast Sea of the West arcs. The episode is primarily based on the short story, Jougetsu.


After Youko Nakajima, the monarch of Kei, has quelled a rebellion in Wa Province, she visits the kingdom of En for advice from Shoryu and to see her friend Rakushun before he returns to the Daigaku in En.

Meanwhile, Gekkei refuses to take responsibility for ruling the kingdom of Hou out of respect for the late king, Chuutatsu. His perspective changes when Kantai arrives as an envoy for the ruler of Kei with a request to allow Shoukei to become a citizen of Kei and legally serve as one of Youko's courtiers.

« A Great Distance in the Wind, the Sky at Dawn - The Final Chapter Ally of the Moon Sea God of the East, Vast Sea of the West - Chapter One  »

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