Daishou (大昌) is the father of Shishou and Junkou and the brother of Shinshi. During the reign of Shishou, he is appointed as the Taishi, a member of the Sankou, and serves to advise the king. He was renowned as a man of great character, as were his younger brothers and his sister Shinshi.[1]

When Shishou's reign begins to tilt toward ruin, Daishou is mysteriously murdered by decapitation in the East Palace complex of Sai's Royal Palace, alongside Junkou, whose body was removed and taken to another palace. It is suggested that Daishou and Junkou had opposed Shishou's rule and attempted to sway Shishou into changing the direction of his governance in hopes of bring him back to the Way. Refusing to believe them, the king was somehow incited to kill them both.


  1. The Dream of Prosperity - Kasho

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