Gobo (沍姆) is the woman in charge of Shoukei's welfare while Shoukei is living at the rike in Hou.[3]

Because Gobo's son was wrongfully executed for a petty crime during Chuutatsu's reign, Gobo deeply resents Shoukei after realizing she is the former princess of Hou. While Gobo does not hesitate to make Shoukei work much harder than other children at the village house, she never gives into the temptation to harm Shoukei and restrained herself because she had great faith in Gekkei, who entrusted Shoukei to her.

When Shoukei's identity as the former princess of Hou is publically exposed, Gobo reports to Gekkei, who arrives and prevents Shoukei from being killed by a resentful and angry populace who blame her for Chuutatsu's cruelty.



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