Illusion of a Shadowed Moon Juuni Kokuki ED Single (月迷風影, Getsumei Fuuei) is a musical album featuring Getsumei Fuuei, the ending theme song for the anime of The Twelve Kingdoms. The song is performed by Mika Arisaka with Tomohiko Kira and composed by Kunihiko Ryo.


# Title
1 Illusion of a Shadowed Moon

Getsumei Fuuei (月迷風影)

2 Twelve Dreamsongs

Juuni Genmukyoku (十二幻夢曲~弧月蒼夜)

3 Illusion of a Shadowed Moon (Original Karaoke)

Getsumei Fuuei (月迷風影)

4 Twelve Dreamsongs (Original karaoke)

Juuni Genmukyoku (十二幻夢曲~弧月蒼夜)


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