Konron (崑崙, Kunlun) is the name of a great mountain peak located in China[1]. For the people of the Twelve Kingdoms, it is nearly synonymous with China, which is also refered to by its ancient name of Kan (漢).


Similar to Japan, China is regarded as a legendary land located in the shadow of the world. Mt. Konron is the peak that lies in the land on the other side[2].

As with Hourai, reaching Konron from the Twelve Kingdoms is only possible through the power of a shoku. Most shoku that swept through the western regions of the Twelve Kingdoms may mix the two worlds, causing inhabitants to appear in the mountains of China. Sankyaku often appear from the base of the Kongou Mountains and are believed to have been swept away by shoku in the Chinese mountains to the Twelve Kingdoms.

It can be implied that kirin and sennin of sufficient rank may be able to cross into Konron, given they are able to cross over to Hourai by similar means and with similar consequences.


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