The Ministry of Fall (秋官, Shuukan)[1] of the Six Ministries manages the kingdom's judicial affairs. It is also known as the Ministry of Justice.

Though the Ministry of Fall is primarily responsible for the prosecution of lawbreakers, it is also responsible for notarizing contracts and other important documents, as well as publically certifying that official papers are authentic and in order[2].


  • Daishikou (大司寇) - The Minister of Judicial and Foreign Affairs. Known as the Steward-Marshal in the Tokyopop translation.
  • Shoushikou (小司寇) - The vice-minister of the Ministry of Fall.
  • Choushi (朝士) - Supervises the behavior of other officials; he is the only official that can directly report the the monarch about punishments towards officials. Known also as the seneschal[3] or the commissioner[4]
  • Shikei (司刑) - The head of the kingdom's judges.


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