The Ministry of Heaven (天官, Tenkan)[1] is part of the Six Ministries manages royal and palace affairs such as general politics and the upkeep of the palace. It is also known as the Ministry of Palace Affairs and the Ministry of State.

Because the officials in the ministry have direct access to most of the palace, it is critical for the members of the Ministry of Heaven to be trustworthy and reliable, as they could otherwise endanger the monarch[2].


  • Taisai (大宰) - The Minister of Court. Known as the Palace Administrator in the Tokyopop translation.
  • Shousai (小司宰) - The vice-minister of the Ministry of Heaven.
  • Shousha (掌舎) - Oversees the maintenance of the palace.
  • Shikyuu (司裘) - Oversees the uniforms of the people in the palace.


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