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Musical Suite of Twelve Dreams (オリジナルサウンドトラック「十二幻夢組曲」, Original Soundtrack - Juuni Genmu Kumikyoku) is a musical soundtrack featuring music from The Twelve Kingdoms anime adaptation.


  1. 十二幻夢曲(フル・ヴァージョン)
    Juuni Genmukyoku (Full Version)
    Twelve Dreamsongs (Full Version)
  2. 十二国幻影(サブ・テーマ)
    Juunikoku Genei (Subtheme)
    Vision of the Twelve Kingdoms (Subtheme)
  3. 国~聖なる響
    Kuni ~ Seinaru Hibiki
    Kingdom ~ Sacred Sound
  4. 妖魔
  5. 気配~躍動
    Kehai ~ Yakudou
    Presence ~ Lively Motion
  6. 夜想月雫
    Nocturnal Moondrops
  7. 威風王景
    Ifuu Ou Kei
    Her Majesty, the Queen of Kei
  8. 風駿
  9. 旅路~蓬山遠景
    Tabiji ~ Hou-zan Enkei
    Journey ~ Vista of Mt. Hou
  10. 十二幻夢曲(アコースティック・ヴァージョン)
    Juuni Genmukyoku (Acoustic Version)
    Twelve Dreamsongs (Acoustic Version)
  11. 国~東方麗韻
    Kuni ~ Touhou Reiin
    Kingdom ~ Eastern Elegance
  12. 蒼猿~真実の鞘
    Aozaru ~ Shinjitsu no Saya
    Aozaru ~ The Sheath of Truth
  13. 襲来
  14. 混迷~悲愴
    Konmei ~ Hisou
    Chaos ~ Sorrow
  15. 月迷風影(スロー・ヴァージョン)
    Getsumei Fuuei (Slow Version)
    Illusion of a Shadowed Moon (Slow Version)
  16. 十二幻夢曲(ピアノ・ソロ)
    Juuni Genmukyoku (Piano Solo)
    Twelve Dreamsongs (Piano Solo)


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