Nocturnal Moondrops ~ Piano Memories (「夜想月雫~Piano Memories」, Yasougetsuda ~ Piano Memories) is a musical soundtrack featuring music from The Twelve Kingdoms anime adaptation.


  1. 十二幻夢曲(ピアノ・アレンジド・ヴァージョン)
    Juuni Genmukyoku (Piano Arranged Version)
    Twelve Dreamsongs (Piano Arranged Version)
  2. 楽光(ピアノ・ソロ)
    Rakkou (Piano Solo)
    Comforting Light (Piano Solo)
  3. 偲芳歌(ピアノ・ソロ)
    Shihouka (Piano Solo)
    Song of Nostalgia (Piano Solo)
  4. 国~聖なる響(ピアノ・アレンジド・ヴァージョン)
    Kuni ~ Seinaru Hibiki (Piano Arranged Version)
    Kingdom ~ Sacred Sound (Piano Arranged Version)
  5. 夜明け~旅鳥(ピアノ・アレンジド・ヴァージョン)
    Yoake ~ Tabidori (Piano Arranged Version)
    Dawn ~ Travelling Bird (Piano Arranged Version)
  6. 東方礼讃~Minimal China(ピアノ・アレンジド・ヴァージョン)
    Touhou Raisan ~ Minimal China (Piano Arranged Version)
    Eastern Veneration ~ Minimal China (Piano Arranged Version)
  7. いつもの朝~予感
    Itsumo no Asa ~ Yokan
    A Usual Morning ~ Premonition
  8. 故心郷(ピアノ・アレンジド・ヴァージョン)
    Koshingou (Piano Arranged Version)
    Disheartened Prefecture (Piano Arranged Version)
  9. 夜想月雫(ピアノ・アレンジド・ヴァージョン)
    Yasougetsuda (Piano Arranged Version)
    Nocturnal Moondrops (Piano Arranged Version)
  10. 眩光心象
    Genkou Shinzou
    Image of a Faintly Lit Heart


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