Rousan (琅燦) is the Daishikuu of Tai.[1]

After Gyousou set off to Bun Province to handle an impending rebellion, Rousan was the only one who told Taiki what was going on instead of shielding him because he was a child. When Risai found out what Rousan had done, she immediately confronted him. However, Rousan countered that continuing to exclude important information and pampering Taiki would only hinder Gyousou as Taiki's ignorance would prevent him from fulfilling his role to advise and temper Gyousou's actions.

As the Taiho and governor of the capital province, Rousan points out that only Taiki who could authorize the mobilization of the Provincial Army of the capital. Furthermore, he adds that should Gyousou be in any danger of assassination, Taiki's shirei would be the quickest and most reliable candidates to send to Gyousou's aid.


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