Sagebrush Mountain Vista ~ Chinese Fiddle Memories (「蓬山遠景 ~胡弓 Memories」, Yomogi Yama Enkei ~ Kokyuu Memories) is a musical soundtrack featuring music from The Twelve Kingdoms anime adaptation.


  1. 国~東方麗韻(トラディショナル・ヴァージョン)
    Kuni~Touhou Reiin (Traditional Version)
    Kingdom ~ Eastern Elegance (Traditional Version)
  2. 蓬山遠景~旅路
    Hou-zan Enkei ~ Tabiji
    Journey ~ Vista of Mt. Hou
  3. 十二幻夢曲(アコースティック・ヴァージョン)
    Juuni Genmukyoku (Acoustic Version)
    Twelve Dreamsongs (Acoustic Version)
  4. 澄空雲
    Choukuu Kumo
    Clear-sky Clouds
  5. 木霊響声
    Kodama Kyousei
    Tree Spirits' Echoing Voices
  6. 涙華
    Shining Tears
  7. 夜想月雫
    Nocturnal Moondrops
  8. 偲芳歌(胡弓ヴァージョン)
    Shihouka (Kokyuu Version)
    Song of Nostalgia (Chinese Fiddle Version)
  9. 襲来~連鎖
    Shuurai ~ Rensa
    Attack ~ Connection
  10. 流雲のパヴァーヌ~哀歌
    Ryuun no Pavaanu ~ Aika
    Pavane of Flowing Clouds ~ Lament

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