Sairin (采麟) is the female version of the kirin of the kingdom of Sai. The kingdom's Sairin holds the rank of Saiho in court and are addressed as "Taiho".

The male equivalent of the kirin for Sai is called Saiki (采麟); no known Saiki has appeared in the series yet.

Known SairinEdit

  • Unknown Sairin - A kirin mentioned in a tale from long ago, described as vain.
  • Sairin (斎麟) - The kirin who served Juntei. She was struck dead shortly after Juntei ordered Sai's Royal Army to enter Han in order to protect refugees fleeing from Han into Sai. She is the last kirin of Sai to use the kokushi of 斎; after the trangression Juntei committed against Heaven, the Royal Seal's character changed to 采.
  • Youran - The current kirin of Sai.



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