Shisui Pefecture of Kei

Spotted area is most likely where Shisui Prefecture is.

Shisui Prefecture (止水郷) sits next to Rouya Prefecture of Wa Province in the Kingdom of Kei.[1]

Before Youko Nakajima's ascension to the throne, the praetor of Shisui is a man named Shoukou. With the support of Gahou, the governor of Wa Province, Shoukou had overtaxed the people of Shisui at 70%. Failure to pay the entire tax in full by any citizen would result in the citizen's entire family being executed. Any opposition was brutally surpressed; Shoukou was known for ordering entire villages to be burned down to punish the people. Furthermore, to conceal the scheme by allowing refuges from Tai to live here in order to maintain the appearance that the region was well-populated.

During the rebellion in Wa Province, Shoukou is arrested by Youko and the rebels in Shisui.

Counties (県)Edit

  • Unknown

Cities (街)Edit

  • Unknown


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