Shunki (徇麒) is the kirin and Saiho of the kingdom of Shun. He has not appeared, nor been mentioned in any of the novels in the series; he is only alluded to in the Eight Kirin[1] drama CD story and has appeared with the ruler of Shun, both as silhouettes, in the anime series.

Shunki chose his monarch forty years before Youko Nakajima became the ruler of Kei[2]. Little else is known about Shunki or his ruler, except that the stability of their kingdom has been wavering, though Rikou of Sou believes that the ruler is still capable of moving the kingdom in the right direction. However, because of the lack of stability in the kingdom, Shunki is unable to attend the gathering of the kirin requested by Lady Gyokuyo to celebrate all twelve kingdoms having a ruler and kirin after Taiki chooses Gyousou to become the king of Tai[1].


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