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The chief ministers of the Six Ministries in Kei

Six Ministries (六官, Rikkan)[1] forms the court and works to administer a kingdom. The political structure of every kingdom is exactly the same.

The MinistriesEdit

Each of the ministries is headed by a chief minister (mandarin in the Tokyopop translation) and they are collectively lead by the Chousai, the Prime Minister, in the court. The Six Ministries compose of the following departments.

  • Ministry of Heaven (天官, tenkan), known also as the Ministry of Palace Affairs and the Ministry of State, manages royal and palace affairs such as general politics and the upkeep of the palace.
  • Ministry of Earth (地官, chikan) is also known as the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Lands, as it is charged with domestic affairs such as managing the land and controlling the kingdom's census.
  • Ministry of Spring (春官, shunkan), known also as the Ministry of Rights, oversees the school system, ceremonies, rituals and festivals.
  • Ministry of Summer (夏官, kakan) manages the kingdom's military affairs. It is also known as the Ministry of War.
  • Ministry of Fall (秋官, shuukan), manages the kingdom's judicial affairs. It is also known as the Ministry of Justice.
  • Ministry of Winter (冬官, toukan) deals with the economic affairs of the kingdom. It is also known as the Ministry of Works.

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