Wa Province of Kei

Striped area is Wa Province.

Wa Province (和州) is located near the eastern tip in kingdom of Kei[1]. It is a geographically large province and regarded as relatively wealthy due to its size.

During the reign of Jokaku, Gahou was rewarded with post of being Wa Province's governor and provincial lord. However, Gahou proved to be corrupt and worked with Shoukou, the praetor of the Shisui Prefecture, to heavily tax the citizens of Wa Province at 70%. To conceal scandals that would expose their exploitative scheme, refugees from the kingdom of Tai were allowed to live in the Shisui Prefecture.

Shortly after the ascension of Youko Nakajima, an uprising began in Wa Province, centered in Shisui Prefecture, in hopes of bringing the new ruler's attention to the injustice in the province. Youko saw firsthand the corruption in Wa Province and the Shisui Prefecture and became involved with the rebellion herself, eventually arresting both Gahou and Shoukou for their crimes against the people. Following the rebellion, Youko appoints Saibou, the chief minister to the Governor of Baku Province, as the new Governor of Wa Province.[2]

Provincial capital (州都) Edit

Districts (郡) Edit

  • Unknown

Prefectures (郷)Edit

Counties (県) Edit

  • Unknown

Cities (街)Edit


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