A map of the Yellow Seas from the novels.

The Yellow Sea (黄海 Koukai) is located in the middle of the Twelve Kingdoms, surrounded by the Kongou Mountains, which seperate it from the four inland seas (the Blue Sea, the Black Sea, the White Sea, and the Red Sea).

Unlike the other seas, it is a sea only in name. The Yellow Sea is a vast expanse of land inhabited by all kinds of supernatural creatures, particularly rare youjyuu.

Twelve Kingdoms Map-0

Only time and the wind flow there, over endless desert and endless forest, with here a vast swamp, there a chain of craggy hills. At the center of the Yellow Sea is the Five Mountains: immense, lofty spires, twisting upward from a common root.[1]

  • Kongou Mountains (山脈 混合)  - A series of mountain ranges that surrounds the Yellow Sea and separates it from the other four inland seas. Each of its four ranges is between the four major gates.


  1. The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Wind, Tokyopop edition

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